Ryan Beise's Star Wars Collection

For his displays, Ryan uses shelves of all types. 4 Ikea Billy Bookcases , 5 self built large shelving units to put the dioramas in, and 3 old Toys "R" Us fixtures from the old Animal Alley section, as well as about any other surface areas, he can find. Ryan prefers to store his figures out in the open. He believes they are toys, and should be out for people to see. He does have one set of Original Trilogy modern figures carded, but virtually everything else is loose.

Ryan has shared his passion about collecting Star Wars with fellow fans by holding numerous panels over the years, such as the Collect all 2769! Hasbro Action Figures since 1995 at Celebration VI and the Collect All 3,000 Star Wars figures at Emerald City Comic Con 2014.

Ryan Beise's amazing Star Wars Collection

Ryan doesn't just focus on Kenner/Hasbro 3 3/4 inch Star Wars figures, he also collects Star Wars items from other licensees such as Sideshow, Lego, Micro Machines (Galoob), Applause, Bend-Ems, Gentle Giant, and many more miscellaneous items.

Ryan Beise's incredible Star Wars Collection

To get a look at Ryan's incredible Star Wars collection, don't miss the full gallery:
Complete Photo Gallery Of Ryan's Star Wars Collection!

You can get in touch with Ryan by visiting the Facebook pages for either Star Wars Collectables Cosmos or Galaxy of Toys, you can also follow him on Twitter @BeiseRyan.

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