Your Star Wars Figure Toolbox

Here is a list of tools which have been custom built for and are intended to help you look up Star Wars action figures.

Compare Figures

The Compare Tool lets you compare any two figures in the archive side-by-side. This will help you find differences between figures, and it will come in handy once you have to make a purchasing decision.

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Try the Google search to find figures.

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Identify Figures

The I.D. Tool will help you to I.D. a figure. Simply take the figure into your hands, look up the date stamp on it and choose the year from the drop down menu. It will then show you a list of Star Wars figures from the archive which have this date stamp on it. Then simply click on the figure and it will take you to the details page, where you will find more pictures and information about the figure.


Every main character, movie or toy line section contains additional filters so that it's easier to find figures. For example, every page lets you choose between head shots, reference pictures and a list. In addition, most sections contain a second drop down menu where you can filter the figures even more. For main characters for example you can choose the movie, for the movie section you can choose popular movie scenes, or for toy line section you can choose a sub-category such as comic 2-packs, battle packs, packed-in with vehicles, etc...

Filter Star Wars Figures!

Master List

The Master List Tool is an alphabetical list of figures in the archive. If you know the name of the character, choose the first letter and it will display an alphabetical list of all the Star Wars figures in the archive. This is the fastest way to look up figures on the website, as long as you know the character's name.


In the Star Wars collecting world we use a lot of jargon and many abbreviations. It's confusing, especially when you are new to the hobby. The Glossary tries to give you an overview of the most common terms.

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